Honey is captured sunshine

Dear friends of honey and apiculture,

we are creating a digital presence for our recently founded organic apiculture company in the south of Chile, that we affectionately call „Fundiagudo“.

Honey fans and sales partners are keen to learn more about the organic honeys we produce, harvest and fill up with strong commitment and passion as well as in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture. Furthermore we cooperate with an internationally recognized certification body.

From 2015 on we hope to launch the production of our first class honey, as soon as the busy bees of our colonies have transformed the nectar of blossoms from typical North-Patagonian herbs, bushes and trees with origin in the almost untouched nature near the volcano Puntiagudo into delicious honey.

Since our homepage is still under construction, we kindly ask for your patience.

For further questions, suggestions and information, we will be happy to help:

Alexander Setzer
Shareholder and beekeeper

Telephone: +56 9 61043731
Telephone: +49 7042 979400